'Iolani Palace Collection

In 2011, Jason Park was invited by The 'Iolani Palace to create jewelry for their shops. The 'Iolani Palace Collection by Jason Park Designs can be currently found at the Palace Gallery Shops.

History of Hawaiian Jewelry

Back to the era of the Hawaiian monarchy, the origin of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry can be found. The Hawaiian kingdom had long enjoyed a favorable relationship with England.

In February 1862, Prince Albert, husband to England's Queen Victoria, was dead. During the queen's time of grief, only mourning clothes and black-accented jewelry were acceptable apparel at the royal court. Meanwhile, jewelry accented with black jet or enamel and carved with floral, vine or scroll designs became the fashion trend in England. These pieces came in the forms of rings, broaches, pendants and bracelets.

Reacting to Prince Albert's death, a 23-year-old Hawaiian princess named Liliu Loloku Walania Kamakaeha (Hawaii's last Queen Liliuokalani) ordered two gold that precisely followed the style and detail of the black-enameled English mourning jewelry.

In 1887, Hawaii's Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliu were invited to Queen Victoria's Jubilee. At the Jubilee, Queen Victoria bestowed them precious gold bracelets with each name of theirs imprinted in Old English Lettering filled with black enamel. They adored the gift so that they had similar bracelets made for Hawaiian Royal members upon their return to Hawaii. Hawaiian Royal had adopted this sophisticated and hand-carved technique and developed it into its unique design inspired by Hawaiian nature. This Hawaiian royal heritage has been succeeded and lived on as Today's Hawaiian Jewelry.

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Price List

The 'Iolani Palace Collection by Jason Park Designs

All jewelry made in .925 Sterling Silver. Pendants come with "gift" chain not including item #JPD-4

Item #JPD-1 Hawaiian Shield with Royal Crown Pendant
Description: Modern representation of the Hawaiian Coat-of-Arms Shield inlaid with traditional black enamel finish. Black enamel was used for "mourning" jewelry of the Victorian era which were gifted to Queen Liliuokalani during her visit to England in 1887.

Suggested Retail $142.00

Item #JPD-2 King Kalakaua Monogram with Royal Crown Pendant
Description: Modern representation of the King's Cypher used on all of the King's personal items in the Palace. This piece was originally commissioned by the Palace to celebrate Princess Abigail Kawananakoa's birthday.

Suggested Retail $133.00

Item #JPD-3 Royal Hawaiian Crown Pendant (not shown)
Description: Mini Royal Hawaiian Crown with traditional hand-engraving of "Maile & Royal Scroll" finish.

Suggested Retail $61.00

Item #JPD-4 Heavy Link Silver Chain
Description: 24" sterling silver anchor chain with lobster claw and adjustable links. "JPD" logo attached to last link.

Suggested Retail $88.00


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Jason Park's journey in the world of jewelry started when he was only 16 at his high school sculpting class. Making his first silver ring from a wax carving, he was intrigued by the process of jewelry making from this first experience. His calling into the jewelry business came in 2001 when he apprenticed under master Hawaiian jeweler Nono Boyajian. At Boyajian's workshop, Park learned the meticulous craft of Hawaiian jewelry engraving and the process of creating heirloom pieces in gold and silver. Park then learned the art of high jewelry from renowned Parisian jeweler Boucheron. At Boucheron, Park was able to learn about precious gemstones and how to utilize them for spectacular jewelry pieces.

With his diverse background in jewelry, Jason Park has lent his creative hand to creating several local lines. His work is deeply influenced by the upbringing of his hanai - a Hawaiian term for adoption from the heart - family, which included renowned kumu hula Paleka Mattos of Halau O Kamuela.

The energy of Waikiki has always called to Park, who grew up as a Waikiki beach boy and has cultivated a deep connection with the area, making it the ideal location for the launch of his brand Jason Park Designs in 2007.

In 2011, Jason Park was invited by The 'Iolani Palace to create jewelry for their shops. "Being chosen by the Palace is the highest honor for any jeweler here in Hawaii and I strive to make unique modern jewels to honor the memory of Hawaii's last Monarchy King and Queen," said Park. Park was also the featured artist for Queen Kapiolani's Birthday Celebration at the Palace in December of 2011. The 'Iolani Palace Collection by Jason Park Designs can be currently found at the Palace Gallery Shops.


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